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About Us

Founded in 2016, our mission is to promote healing, recovery, and wellness in people from all walks of life.

We believe in:


Every person has a right to feel their best


We are all here to help each other


Our services should add value to your life


Life is too short to not enjoy what you're doing

Meet the CryoPDX Team

Deb Weissenbuehler

Managing Partner


The last 20+ years as a Portland firefighter, several years a union carpenter, wildland firefighter, college athlete and high school basketball coach, Deb has seen more than her fair share of injury and the long road of recovery. Deb never intended to be a business owner but after trying cryotherapy with such profound results she knew she had to bring this amazing therapy to Portland. When not at CryoPDX you can find Deb at the fire station where she has a few years left before retirement!

Sydney Hagen

Managing Partner


After too many years in the corporate world Sydney decided to break the chains and find a way to bring value to other’s lives. When she discovered cryotherapy she knew this was exactly what she was looking for. On the rare occasion Sydney’s not at CryoPDX she can probably be found on the golf course.

Dr. Christine Mayo Powers



Dr. Christine is a clinical pharmacist with over a decade of experience in the acute care setting, specifically ICU, post op care and nutritional support.  In her own exploration for wellness to cope with the spiritual, emotional and physical stresses of life, she has found a true balance, that utilizes evidence based practices. This incorporates the missing system of Energy, a total whole approach to physical strength and exercise, and the discovery of Truth in the mind. She has become a practitioner of all three areas. Christine is also a skilled clinical transpersonal hypnotherapist, a Life Stretch instructor, a Fascial Stretch Therapist, and a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. 


“The Wonder Dog”


Official door greeter and service dog extraordinaire! Rhiga is in charge of everything and everyone. When not at CryoPDX, Rhiga can be found curled up in front of the tv watching Animal Planet.