What Can Celluma Red Light Therapy Do?

What Can Celluma Red Light Therapy Do?

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Celluma Red Light Therapy is…

…the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to human tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits, Celluma ranges from 465 nanometers to 880 nanometers. With this range of light therapy we are treating everything from acne, and wrinkles to wound and bone healing.

Red wavelengths penetrate deep into the skin’s dermal layer to specifically target cells at the source. The energy absorbed by the cells is then used to naturally improve cellular performance.

Low-level light therapy is delivered through light emitting diodes (LEDs), and it has the potential to treat a variety of skin and pain conditions.

How does red light therapy work?

Like plants absorb sunlight to power photosynthesis and boost tissue growth, human cells can absorb light wavelengths to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Red light therapy also boosts circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to living tissues.

In other words, human cells can absorb particles of light (photons) and transform that energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main source of energy that cells need to power metabolic processes. The resulting elevation of ATP is then used to upregulate cellular performance and repair tissue damage.

When your body absorbs particular wavelengths of light energy, it converts that energy to produce more ATP, thus boosting the body’s natural ability to regain and maintain vitality.

What can red light therapy do?

Red light therapy is constantly being tested and trialed to evaluate its efficacy for a number of different treatments, and the FDA currently recognizes light therapy as a proven solution for acne, anti-aging, and pain management.

There is evidence to suggest red light therapy can also treat / relieve the following conditions:

  • Delayed wound healing
  • Hair growth in people with alopecia
  • Pain from carpal tunnel syndrome & arthritis
  • Faster healing of diabetic foot ulcers
  • Inflammation from psoriasis
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots
    Recurring cold sores from herpes virus
  • Scar tissue formation / appearance
  • Muscle & joint recovery after physical activity
  • Itching from eczema
  • Reduces chemotherapy side effects
  • Muscle stiffness and spasms
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks

Although red light therapy has been around since 1903, it has recently become a mainstream method that people use to treat a wide variety of concerns.

Celluma manufactures FDA-cleared, professional-grade light therapy devices that people can use at home and on-the-go. Their portable, lightweight designs are ideal for storage and travel, and our patented flexible technology ensures you can conform the LED light close to your body for maximum absorption and optimal efficacy.

Celluma red light therapy devices improve health at the cellular level by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. If you’re ready to try red light therapy for yourself,

Celluma is the #1 choice globally.

Celluma devices are inspired by light and proven by science to improve cellular health and reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain, speed healing, and so much more.