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CryofacialTM Overview

The CryofacialTM was developed by Jonas Kuehne, MD and uses pressurized nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck to help improve the overall appearance of the skin. A course of Cryofacials helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the appearance of pores. The treatment is 10 minutes and requires no recovery time afterwards making it the perfect “day-of” treatment for your next big event, party or night out with that special someone. Most clients find the cool vapors relaxing and soothing, wishing the treatment could last longer.

What to Expect During Your CryofacialTM Treatment

A typical CryofacialTM treatment lasts 10 minutes and requires no recovery time afterwards. During the CryofacialTM pressurized nitrogen vapors which are applied to the face and neck to help improve the overall appearance of the skin. We also apply vapors to the scalp which helps to oxygenate and bring micronutrients to the follicles for a healthier, thicker head of hair. Many clients also use the cryofacial to relieve pain from migraines.

Effects and Benefits of CryofacialTM

  • Restores fitness and radiance
  • Helps to reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone
  • Helps to rejuvenate fatigued skin
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Reduces acne and blemishes
  • Lightens scars left from acne
  • Exfoliates outer dead layer of skin cells
  • Naturally stimulates collagen production

Pricing for CryofacialTM Treatments


Single + Multi-session Packages

  • Single treatment $40
  • Package of 5 treatments $175
  • Package of 10 treatments $320

(10% off for members)

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