Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy Overview

While cryotherapy if fairly new to the US, it actually has been around for decades. In 1978, Dr. Yamaguchi of Japan began using freezing sessions of short duration on his patients’ skin surface for immediate relief of rheumatoid arthritis through the rapid decrease of temperature of the outer layer of skin.

In the 1980s Yamaguchi and his associates came to the conclusion that using a cryosauna, (cryo chamber), for rapid short-term freezing of the skin’s surface has a more beneficial effect on the human body than its gradual cooling while immersed in an ice bath. Further study in Europe over the last four decades has established whole body cryotherapy as a powerful therapy for reducing inflammation and pain.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is not simply a faster version of an ice bath. The body’s reaction to low temperatures while submerged in an ice bath (7°C/45°F) is radically different from its reaction to cryo temperatures (lower than -110°C/-166°F) in the cryosauna.

In an ice bath, the body attempts to warm blood in its core and send it to the peripheral tissues to prevent the skin surface from freezing (vasodilation). While in an ice bath, the body is struggling with actual, unrelenting, penetrating physical cold (not just signals from skin cold sensors). Blood begins cooling as it nears the skin surface and its return to the core begins to decrease the body’s core temperature. The small benefit of a temporary numbing effect for perceived reduction of pain and inflammation is far outweighed by the potentially damaging effects of the ice bath.
Alternatively, in the cryo chamber, the body constricts peripheral tissues sending blood from the skin surface, muscle tissue, and surrounding joint space to the core to protect core temperature (vasoconstriction). As the blood travels to the core it passes through the cardiovascular system where it is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. As long as the exposure to the extremely cold temperature continues the body continues to flush the tissue of toxins and circulate blood between the cardiovascular system and the vital organs on a continuous loop. This continues to cleanse the blood over and over while continuing to add oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.

So what does this all mean? It means our customers love the way cryo makes them feel; energized, alert, happy from a boost of serotonin and with less pain thanks to a rush of endorphins. Most customers also experience a wonderful, restorative deep sleep after a cryo day. So, whether you are an athlete recovering from your workout, a Type-A executive looking for a way to stay energized and focused or an everyday person needing relief from pain and inflammation, cryotherapy is for you.

Effects and Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Speed recover from injury
  • Post-surgical recovery

What to Expect During Your Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment

All whole body cryotherapy sessions are conducted by a trained and certified technician who remains with you for the duration of your session. Your first whole body cryotherapy appointment can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes so that we can fully educate you on the process and answer any questions you may have. After the first appointment, sessions typically take 5-7 minutes.

Inside the cryochamber you will only be wearing socks, slippers and gloves; men also wear briefs. This allows for 90% of your skin to be exposed to the hyper cool air. It is fine to leave your hair down and have on face lotion or makeup. We ask that you do not apply lotion or any moisture to your skin an hour before your session. No jewelry or metals can be worn below the neck.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Pricing

Single + Multi-session Package

  • First Timer $35
  • 1 x $65
  • 3 x $165
  • 5 x $250
  • 10 x $400
  • 20 x $700

Monthly Memberships

  • Simply Cryo: $210/mo.
    • Cryotherapy up to 8x per month
  • Unlimited Membership: $299/mo.
    • Unlimited Cryotherapy 1x per day
    • Unlimited NormaTec 1x per day
  • Limited Membership: $249/mo.
    • 15 Cryotherapy sessions per month
    • 2 NormaTec sessions per month

Non-Member 1-Month Packages

  • 8 x $240 ($30/session)
  • 12x $312 ($26/session)
  • 15 x $375 ($25/session)
  • Add Unlimited NormaTec to any package for $50

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