What to Expect From a Cryofacial™ from CryoPDX

What to Expect From a Cryofacial™ from CryoPDX

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Well, cold of course. But, what you wouldn’t expect, is just how relaxing it is and how quickly you can look and feel better. In fact, our Cryofacial™ might easily be the best 10 minutes of your day. With our Cryofacial™ we are able to slow down the aging process with a science-based method using a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen to help improve the overall appearance of the skin.

The cold air helps to exfoliate the skin and disrupt the outer layers which stimulates collagen production. Through a specific, patterned application we first hit the scalp which not only feels amazing but brings blood flow and micronutrients to the hair follicles.

Instant Tightening

Next we move to the forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and decollete, equally on each side. The process produces an instant tightening to the skin where fine lines and wrinkles begin to disappear and eye puffiness dissipates.  Also, the skin’s pore size is reduced helping keep toxins, dirt and grime out. Simply put, your face looks tighter and has a healthy glow which can last several days.

Collagen Stimulation

With repeated applications the collagen benefit is apparent as the skin’s elasticity is returned to an earlier, younger time in the life of your skin. Customers are always surprised and happy to see an instantaneous difference which does not require surgery, downtime or pain. A single session is perfect if you have an event that day, say an evening out, bridal photos or first date, and you want to look fresh.

Quick & Easy

The real magic comes when you get collagen production and for that we recommend 10 sessions over a 30 day period followed by a weekly maintenance session once the desired results are obtained. The nice piece of this is the sessions only take 10 minutes and then you’re on with your day. Those who have a bit more time to invest can pair the Cryofacial™ with a Celluma light treatment for a super dose of cellular repair.

Not Just for Younger Looking Skin

The Cryofacial™ isn’t just about looking younger, it can also be an excellent tool for those who suffer from allergies, migraines, acne and a number of other skin issues.  During a Cryofacial™, skin vessels and capillaries undergo vasoconstriction, followed by vasodilation flushing toxins from the layers of the skin and improving blood flow. The anti-inflammatory response can also be used to treat chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema.

Check out our Cryofacial™ Services page for more information and pricing, then call to book your Cryofacial™ and Celluma.